I am registering a test for the first time
I have registered a test before, so I can register this one with my email and password*

*Your current email and password will let you track and view the result history for the tests you have registered. In some cases you may want to track this test result using an email and password other than you already have (when you start testing another person, for example), then you should check the first option and create another account.

By sending a hair sample to the lab, you are agreeing that you have followed the provided collection instructions to the best of your ability. You are acknowledging sole responsibility for the sample you have collected; that is a sufficient sample for testing as indicated by the instructions provided. If the quantity of hair is not sufficient for testing (QNS), a replacement kit can be purchased at a cost of $25.00. HairConfirm, Confirm BioSciences and their affiliates are not obligated to provide replacement kits for insufficient samples. For questions please call 888-526-6347.